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INTERKABEL KIEV is a reliable supplier of cable production for various objects in energetics. Our production is successfully used on power plants, nuclear power plants, hydroelectric power stations, pumped-storage hydroelectric plants, UKRENERGO substations and OBLENERGO distribution networks. The products are widely used in construction of renewable energy facilities, such as solar power plants, biogas plants and mini-hydroelectric power stations.

«Yelanets», the Solar Power Plant

«Shcherbani», the Solar Power Plant

«Kandybyne», the Solar Power Plant

«Kostychi», the Solar Power Plant

«Mariivka», the Solar Power Plant


In a modern competitive economy, efficient industry and industrial infrastructure are the basis of economic development. This predetermines the need for continuous modernization and implementation of innovative technologies. A separate aspect is always the issue of energy efficiency, energy independence, reliability and uninterrupted operation of production facilities. TOV “Intercable Kiev” has a large line of cable products that meets a wide range of requirements used in various industries.


During the construction of infrastructure facilities for cabling and wiring products, there are always increased requirements related to the need to ensure a high level of reliability of power supply and trouble-free operation throughout the entire service life of facilities. Products TOV “Intercable Kiev” fully meets these criteria, as evidenced by its long-term use in a wide variety of sectors of the economy, particularly in transport, social and engineering infrastructures.


The main requirement for cable products in the case of its use in premises intended for finding people is its safety. In this regard, the materials used and the design of this type of cable must ensure its specific behavior in case of fire (do not spread burning, do not cause smoke, do not emit substances harmful to humans, etc.). Often, it is also necessary that even in the event of a fire, the cable continues to function for some time. TOV “Intercable Kiev” the first of the cable plants began its own production of fire-resistant cable and to this day remains the leader in the industry.

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