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Happy Cable Guy Day!

NEWS LLC Interkabel Kyiv 08112, Kyiv regionKyiv-Sviatoshyn districtKapitanivka village, 5 Dachna Str.sales@interkabel.ua Our Production History of the company The member of SKB Group Sertificates News Contacts Our projects: • in energetics • in

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NEWS It’s not a secret that more than 65% of the fire-resistant cables (HXH-FE, HXHBH-FE, HXCH-FE) used in Ukraine are produced by INTERKABEL KYIV. So what is our success? Today we will slightly

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Happy Independence Day of Ukraine

  NEWS   On the occasion of the national holiday of our statehood – the Independence Day of Ukraine, accept our sincere congratulations and wishes of good health, happiness, love, peace, goodness and

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Congratulations on Constitution Day of Ukraine

NEWS Please accept our sincere congratulations on the outstanding state holiday – Constitution Day of Ukraine!The adoption of the Basic Law marked the fundamental consolidation of our independence, and forever consolidated the will

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Congratulations on Embroidery Day

NEWS Congratulations on Embroidery Day – a holiday that is designed to preserve the ancient folk traditions.May we always be united by a great sense of respect and love for Ukrainian culture!Together we

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Congratulations on May 1!

NEWS Congratulations on May 1!The May Day holiday always reminds us of the awakening of spring and strengthens our hopes for the well-being of every family. May this holiday give you inspiration, optimism

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