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INTERKABEL KIEV began work in 2004. The work of the company has been based on the “Quality and Innovation” principle from the very beginning. Our company develops constantly and improves the production process.

The beginning of factory construction in an open field. The location is in 12 km from Kyiv (Kyiv-Sviatoshyn district).

Контрольный кабель КВВГ, КВВГЭ, АКВВГ, АКВВГЭ, КВББШв, АКВБбШв

Installation, adjustment and start-up of the equipment for cable production.

The start of mass production. Market entry in Ukraine.

Production certification according to ISO 9001:2000 TUV NORD and product certification according to UkrSEPRO.

Joining to SKB Group, the European holding. Formulation of the company development strategy. Implementation of the new investment projects for aerial bundled cables and fire-resistant halogen-free cables.

New corporate style including changes in company name into INTERKABEL KYIV and the logo. Completion of the investment project, successful start-up of new equipment, output and certification of products (aerial bundled cables and fire-resistant halogen-free cables).

INTERKABEL KYIV was among the top five of the biggest producers of cable production in Ukraine. The company became the first in domestic production of fire-resistant halogen-free cables with silicone.

INTERKABEL KYIV became the 4th cable producer in Ukraine. Exclusive supplies for the subway of Kazakhstan. The start of halogen cables export to Germany.


Significant increase in turnover and participation in major EURO CHAMPIONSHIP 2012 projects, such as airport, stadiums, hotels construction etc. Export of aerial bundled cables to Georgia.

INTERKABEL KYIV implemented Microsoft Dynamics AX, the ERP system for managing its business processes.

Production and supplies of fire-resistant cables for the Chernobyl nuclear power plant sarcophagus.

Провода силовые гибкие термостойкие: ПСГТ-Т2, ПСГЭаТ-Т2, ПСГЭмТ-Т2, ПСГЭмгТ-Т2, Кабели термостойкие: КГРПмт, КГРЭаПмт, КГРЭмПмт, КГРЭмгПмт

INTERKABEL KYIV developed fire-resistant 6kV cables with silicone rubber for reconstruction of all nuclear power plants in ENERGOATOM.

Development and manufacturing of flexible heat-resistant power cables (up to 250°C).


SKB- GROUP is a family business that develops successfully. It was founded in 1891. Even today the company still focuses on family business values, such as reliability and responsibility.



We have been working at SKB-GROUP since 2007. SKB-GROUP has a long and successful tradition that would not have been possible without a solid foundation of ethical and moral principles. We strive to continue to integrate this integrity into our daily activities and consider the personal responsibility of each employee to be integral part of that commitment.

This Code of Conduct and related regulations do not seek to “invent” new approaches. Instead, they seek to clearly demonstrate the commitments that we must fulfill now.

Phone: +38 (044) 221-54-04, +38 (067) 559-95-80 | E-mail: sales@interkabel.ua
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